Why Prioritize the Health And Safety Of Employees?

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There are millions of small to large organisations in this world. Every organisation has a manufacturing company where the products are manufactured to be marketed and sold to target customers. Unless the workers manufacture the products, there is absolutely nothing in the hands of the managers to manage, marketers to market and the sellers to sell to the customers. Therefore, the safety of workers is very much important. A location that is popular for being extremely careful about the health and safety measures of workers is New Zealand (NZ). When it comes to NZ health and safety policies, the industries in this location have to follow the rules and regulations and take precautionary measures for the workers.

NZ health and safetyFollowing are some of the most important reasons why every industry must give importance to the health and safety of the employees:

1.    Every worker is important – You may have to introduce workers to certain hazardous chemicals. But it is your responsibility to make sure that the chemicals do not affect their health. NZ health and safety policies ensure the safety of each and every worker since every one of them is important to the industry. Every worker is equally important to the organization. Therefore, you have got to give utmost importance to his health and safety measures so that he does not get hampered while working for you.

2.     They are your workers, not your slaves – Gone are the days when people had slaves below their feet; now is the time to have workers and employees that work shoulder-to-shoulder with their bosses. Therefore,NZ health and safety policy is very important because companies now understand that the people working for them are the ones that actually help them survive in the market.  Workers are no slaves to their bosses, thus, their safety needs to be taken care of in an appropriate manner.

3.      You can’t afford new workers all the time – If you keep hampering the health of your workers and they keep getting hurt, you can’t have them replaced all the time. An organization has to pay more on training when new workers are hired for its manufacturing processes.

4.    They are humans – If you already don’t know that and treat them like animals, this is to remind you that they are humans, too, just like you. Don’t treat them like animals or people that you don’t care about. No matter how less or more they earn, give them respect and utmost importance to their safety. They are priorities to your organization and deep down inside, you know that you need every one of them to race with your competitors in the market.

5.      You don’t want to pay for their treatments – It is a law by the government that if a worker gets hurt due to the carelessness of the industry or company, the expenses for his treatment(s) have to be borne by the company itself. If you want to save money and stay away from such expenses, you better make sure that you treat them good and keep them safe. Only then you can avoid such overhead expenses.

6.     You want their support – Workers love their bosses when they are properly taken care of. To earn respect from them, you need to give them respect, too, which is done by taking care of their needs, safety and health.  Simply do justice to their health!

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