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Get a Five Star Accommodation and Be Treated Like A King

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Ever desired to go on a vacation to a place where the air is rich, the ocean skyline is scenic and the accommodation is top class? Ever wished to be in a place where you are given the royal treat? You finally have a chance to make your dream come true. You need to visit Australia and enjoy the 5 star accommodation NSW offers. With this you have set yourself up for a time you will remember in a long time.

When it comes to prices of these 5 star accommodation in NSW, variation depends on the season you drop in. Usually there are three seasons for you to choose from. The low season that starts in May and ends in August. The medium season which sees a better flow of people starts from February to May then again comes back in September till early December. The peak season comes during summer school holidays and long weekends.

5 star accommodation nsw


One thing for sure is that the rooms are awesome and you will love them. After refurbishment, what they offer is beyond imagination, with beauty that is unmatched. These include luxury suites and penthouses. These have balconies where you can enjoy the breeze from the sea as you relax.

  1. Ocean Deluxe

For the purpose of choice you get 11 different rooms each with a queen size bed. Out of these, six have twin share option that includes a sofa bed and a queen size bed. They all come with private balconies that are adjacent to the ocean giving you a breath taking scenic view.

  1. Ocean Deck

Among the NSW 5 star accommodations are these three ocean deck rooms that come with a king size bed each, a private balcony and air conditioners. If you are looking for a twin share option they are also available. Other amenities you get include plasma TVs, DVD players, separate bathrooms fitted with showers and bath tubs. The kitchens come fitted with facilities for coffee and tea.

  1. Spa Retreat rooms

These rooms found among the 5 star accommodation NSW offers have all the luxury and comfort the deluxe and the deck rooms have. On top of that a double spa bath has been included which you can get either in the ocean view balcony or the bathroom. Amenities include king size beds, televisions DVD players, air conditioning, bath robes, minibar, telephone and coffee and tea makers.

Some of them come with a separate shower while others have showers put over the spa. There are many five star hotels in Australia, however if you are looking to find 5 star accommodation NSW offers with a touch of class and a true royal treatment, you need to check in at Bannisters by the Sea – Mollymook. Here your holiday trip will be redefined giving you something to talk about for a long time.

If you want to make a physical check on what is available, you need to drop in at the hotel at Mitchell Parade Mollymook. With this you are guaranteed a lifetime experience that is rare. For a quick check, the following website at HTTP://WWW.BANNISTERS.COM.AU/5-STAR-ACCOMMODATION-NSW/ is loaded with information galore.

Important Facts About Serviced Apartments in Bangkok

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Bangkok is a beautiful city with multiple hotels for all types of travelers. But despite the wide range of available hotels, most tourists opt to stay in serviced apartments for both short term and long-term stays. Below are some of the most important things to remember about a serviced apartment in Bangkok:


A serviced apartment in Bangkok, like Aetas Residence, offers low rates for those who are planning to stay long. They also provide discounts, depending on the length of time for each guest. For those who are staying more than a month, the rates are highly-discounted.

Guests are offered with rental serviced apartments as well. These rental serviced apartments are highly-suitable for those travelling in a minimum of 3 months, as they provide a highly-competitive rates compared to night rates.

Services and Amenities

For most Bangkok-based serviced apartments, the services offered are personalized and highly-rated. They also provide a “home-away-from-home” experience through their top-notch services. This is why in most cases, room services are not provided for serviced apartments.

On the other hand, some Bangkok serviced apartments provide room services – mainly in cleaning. Some serviced apartments also have mini-hotels, shopping centers, and bars within them for easy access to guests.

Most Bangkok-based service apartments provide amenities such as fitness centers and gym spaces, as well as professional spa services. Such provisions allow a guest to easily access all they require on a vacation under one roof. Other advantageous amenities offered in serviced apartments include fast internet access, television sets in rooms, DVDs, and home theater settings – all of which are majorly availed in hotels.


Most of Bangkok serviced apartments offer large, spacious rooms. They also provide a home-setting furnishing, which boosts the guests comfort. These apartments offer kitchens, bedrooms, and sitting areas as well – either in one room (studio serviced apartments) or in different rooms.


Many of the serviced apartments in Bangkok are located in easily accessible places. These are also near major subways and highly-accessible boats, the two major transport modes in Bangkok. Thus, this makes them more convenient for all guests.

More Privacy

When one is staying at a serviced apartment in Bangkok, they are assured of a higher level of privacy than any other hotels. This is due to the fact that serviced apartments are designed as separate units. This offers guests more privacy and seclusion during their stay.

And since most serviced apartments do not offer room services, a guest is offered the comfort of less intrusion by service providers during their stay – unless when one asks for it.


Most Bangkok-based serviced apartments provide online booking services to clients. Through this, one is able to access easy booking and make enquiries.

Ideal for Both Vacation and Business Trips

Bangkok serviced apartments provides comfort for those who are on a vacation, as well as those who are on a business trip. Serviced apartments also offer rental offices/spaces within their facilities for guests in need of offices. They provide business conference spaces as well, which are vital for business meetings. This makes serviced apartments friendlier for all.

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